Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gay Marriage Attacks AGAIN

"Traditional marriage is being attacked."

I have wondered how many people would suddenly divorce and marry someone of the same sex, but maybe it's true?  There probably are couple who live a hetro lifestyle but have homosexual sex.  They are married and have kids for tax purposes, but they swing the other way too.  If it were legal and now no longer a tax liability, there may in fact be people who abandon traditional marriage...

That said, I have never seen someone else's benefit as my loss.  If someone else is able to be happy and express their love for another, then great!  I am happy for them.  It isn't like we are keeping score, hetros vs. homes.  Then again, maybe we are keeping score through elections, polls, surveys, and ratings?

By current count, gay marriage is on it's way to a victory...

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