Sunday, March 10, 2013

We ARE Growing, Why Spend LESS?

"We need to reduce the size and scope of government."

This is the oldest of conservative and or republican mottos or phrases.  But why? Where's the credibility, the reasoning or 'plans to at least localize government'?

Republicans just want to CUT the size of government, plain and simple.  The problem is of course they hold this stance within a vacuum, ignorant that the reality of America is that we are still growing.  The size and makeup of America's population is GROWING.  Every day there are more cars, trucks, bicycles, airplanes, trains, and people operating them.  Government needs to grow along side its citizenry.  

By government, I don't necessarily mean just people working, but of general infrastructure itself, roads, highways, and bridges, when last inspected received D's & C's from the Army Corps of Engineers.  Some in use right now, received F's.  So, rather than expand to keep up with current growth rates, and repair or replace much needed infrastructure upgrades, we are cutting spending through "sequester" and further degrading the systems we rely on.

If we raise taxes to both balance our debt, pay it down, while making it cheaper and easier to get goods and services to market we can and will stimulate the economy.  By paying down the debt we make American Dollars worth more.  These spending cuts are going to hurt both long and short term growth.

So long as we are growing as a nation, government especially infrastructural expansion is necessary.


  1. IMO we need to make many of our systems, which are already in place, more effective, efficient, and smarter. This would be better than cutting down the size, as well as being cheaper. Such as the Social Security System/Administration.

    They deny and approve basically with a flip of a coin, rather than based off of evidences like they're supposed to. This leads to corruption, deaths, suffering, wasting money, etc. It leads to people who are not qualified to be on the SSDI/SSI programs to be on it, while those that need it are left to die and suffer. It also leads to more appeals, more of the courts time, more Judges to be over worked and paid, and many more problems.

    I agree with you on raising taxes. We need to tax the rich more. It's the same thing that happened in France before the French Revolution. They didn't tax the rich and kept taxing the poor until they were starving and so miserable that they revolted.

    This is Gumbydav BTW. You should go to my YouTube video:

    I have more, and that's part 1 out of 3. I believe in total, I have about 33 videos. At the bottom of each, I have the issues I've had with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and how they provided incorrect and incomplete statements, which lead to my unjust denial. When there's no justice in the legal systems, we know we're headed in the WRONG direction!

    1. Good points all, but I was talking about spending MORE money because we are GROWING...

      I saw your video.