Tuesday, April 16, 2013

They Can't Beat Us

"Terrorism is a threat to America."

No it isn't...  Only Americans can threaten our freedom.  Attacks, like the one in Boston yesterday only serve to bring us closer together, more American, more willing to reach out to our fellow citizens, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or sexual preference...in that moment of attack, we are at our strongest.  Thereafter, our resolve is only strengthened as well wishes nation-wide pour in.

I don't think our enemies full understand the way we think.  We come from forefathers who fought and died for freedom, successfully.  We know nothing of kings or priests, but rather minute men who's job it was to answer immediate the call to arms at the sight or sound of danger.  Our enemies believe you can cast a few stones and overpower by mere threat of continued slings and arrows.  We are not a people easily dissuaded from unity in crisis.

What we are really in danger of is granting executives and representatives greater authority over our persons out of fear.  The Patriot Act was nothing of a kind.  Franklin said something along the line of 'those who sacrifice liberty for security would soon have and deserve neither.'  The same is true today, and yet so many continue to be molested by TSA agents, just to see a relative.

We have only ourselves to fear...

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