Thursday, February 23, 2012

Illegal Tuition

"I am sick of illegals getting all the benefits, and not paying their fair share."

I was told it takes five years residence to qualify for food stamps.  The notion that supports this, is that within that time, the individual would have paid any number of taxes, through sales transactions and property rental or ownership payments to have earned such coverage.  The term "illegal" is not descriptive in characterizing what specific social services one has earned.

Taxes are not interchangeable, nor are they collectively part of one big pot.  Driver's license fees, inspection, and registration fees go to pay for roads, bridges, and other transportation needs.  Hospital and educational programs are funded mainly through property taxes.  So paying your fair share of any government service is or should be based on how long you have utilized those sorts of services.  Whether or not one paid in-district rates, or in-state rates would have nothing to do with one's status as a citizen, but rather if you were a resident of that district or state, and for how long.

While all of this is true, "illegals" are still missing out on paying the all important income tax.  Which is why amnesty is so important, and the part of the conservative stance that makes no sense to me.  Clearly there are people in America who don't have a social security number.  They failed to wait in line and now find themselves here, not paying their fair share.  In my head, the right thing to do is fine them, give them a social security number, and force them to begin paying income tax.  Keeping them from becoming legal citizens keeps them from paying only income taxes.

The point here is that illegals pay taxes, and they'd pay more if conservatives allowed them to.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catholic Health Care

"We (Catholics) should not be forced to pay for procedures we don't morally believe in."

Was there ever a time when religious people opposed organ, tissue, or blood transplants?  Was there ever a time when the church forbid heart transplants, believing that putting one man's heart into another would be akin to a physical possession?  I am almost certain that the church was opposed to blood transfusions, at the onset of this scientific miracle.  Religions' job is or has been, to stand in the way of scientific progress, based on faith-based belief and tradition.

The problem of course, is that the medical profession is not a belief based system.  It is a scientific based world, that demands results, verifiable tests, and careful observation.  When something saves lives, then that is what is practiced.  In some cases, birth control, or reproductive medicine is indeed a life saving necessity.  For any church or religious institution to deny someone medical care, because they personally feel morally conflicted about the procedure is them 'playing God' over someone else's life.  Hopefully, society would laugh at someone who would attempt to deny a heart transplant to a patient, because he or she thought it would make the person become someone else.  Hearts are organs, not the spirit, or soul of a person, and to deny someone a life saving procedure is the embodiment of "wrong".

Making a medical insurance premium payment does not make you the arbiter of what medical procedures someone else is entitled to.  Medical decisions should be made between doctors and patients, not 3rd party peanut gallery attendees dressed in red robes and pointy hats.  If an organization is going to offer health insurance, then unless they are members of the American Medical Association, what they believe should not come between health care providers and recipients.

Churchs and religions have been wrong about medicine in every case for the entire history of mankind, so why are democrats still giving way to traditional faith based beliefs, within medical decisions?  What was evil yesterday, and an unthinkable act, is now today a common practice that saves lives.

Democrats, for the love of life saving medicine, stop letting religions set health care policy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to everyone who offered my potential campaign their donations, support, and well wishes.

Sadly, the afore mentioned goal was not reached, so I will not be making a congressional run this election cycle.

All donations made through paypal have been denied, and all the cash donations will be in the mail, and on the way back to their respective donors, by week's end.

Your generosity, well wishes, and supportive outreach is the most heartwarming thing I've experienced in quite a while. You have all made a real difference in my world and my perception of those in it.

From the bottom of my heart, "Thank You". If ever, there is anything I can do to help, support, or aid you in your endeavors, please don't hesitate to ask. For all of you now have a friend, in me.