Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Progressive Plan Forward

"Democrats don't have a plan, to create jobs."

We don't.  There is no massive relief plan, who's purpose it is to direct America's potential, its market forces, and indeed its people.  America doesn't have a plan for future greatness.  We are in a financially unstable period, and we've already tried tax cuts, and stimulus packages, to what result?  We have an unemployment rate of around 9%, but actual under-employment, combining those who are working part-time and those who have stopped looking for work altogether, well that number is +20%.

So, with so many unemployed or under-employed what is the plan?

There isn't one, or at least liberals are utterly failing to deliver, mention, or otherwise indicate that there is.  The Republicans' seem to think that the cure all is "more tax cuts", that people need to be able to keep more of their money, as though 'individuals' would use their personal wealth to repave roads, repair bridges, or build the transportation system of tomorrow.  The really rich people in this country mostly just put their names on planes, helicopters, and buses, and travel around telling people how great they are.

So, my "progressive" plan is to update our rail transportation infrastructure, to build a high speed rail system, powered by renewable energy sources, that is earthquake resistant, and tornado proof.  We should be able to load both people and vehicles onto it, and it should showcase the American landscape.  This high speed rail system should have at it's core, a basic building principle of 'sustainability'.  It must be designed to support itself.

Of course, this means that we are going to have to raise taxes.  We have to make and win the argument that we need to invest in America again.  Individual wealth does not help 'us'.  Revenues are down, raising taxes is the only way to gather funds necessary to both repair and improve our the very systems we depend on.


  1. Individual wealth isn't suppose to help us, but individual rights do.

    1. My point was that individual wealth benefits 'individuals'...infrastructure projects benefit everyone.

  2. I believe you fail to make the connection that whether those raised taxes are extracted from the rich or middle class to support such a project, it still represents money being removed from the economy. Those individuals who would otherwise have that money would either create jobs, or spend it on themselves. Either way, that money re-circulates back into the economy in the most efficient way possible. Redirecting funds and adopting the Keynesian approach to stimulus spending is not a solution because it tends to redirect capital where it does not belong. This means that the capital does not itself generate more wealth, rather it becomes squandered, and essentially lost. That is of no benefit to the individuals who had portions of their earned incomes taken away, nor does it benefit 'us'.

    1. Ahhh, but the money isn't "removed" from the economy by collecting it in tax. In fact, that is exactly what taxing the rich, or those with "disposable income" could afford to pay.

      By definition, you aren't rich if you are spending money. You are hoarding it, accumulating more of it that you or your kids, or their kids could spend IS "removing" wealth from the market.

      My solution is that we raise taxes on those who can afford it, and invest it in a renewable energies high speed rails system... Such a system WOULD benefit all of us.