Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gay Marriage Attacks?

"A marriage, as my religion defines, is between a man and a woman."

So, why is the government involved in the affairs of religion?  The government shouldn't be issuing  marriage licenses, at all.  What the government should do is issue Civil Union Licenses, which would allow couples to share resources, grant access to each other in emergency situations, and any other thing afforded legal couples in America.  Then you could take that license to whatever church you'd like and have it sanctified or blessed with a ceremony of some kind, so that it a recognized 'marriage'.

I'd have no problem with a church deciding which licenses to sanctify, and which ones it wouldn't.  There are already some churches willing to bless same sex unions, so if you don't like a religion's doctrine, you can shop elsewhere.  In the same respect, I don't think anyone should be able to force a church or religion to bless every union they are presented with.

What I've never understood is how allowing homosexual couples to share their lives with one another, is an attack on traditional marriage?  The only way I can interpret this action is they, those who oppose gay marriage, are attacking someone's lifestyle by denying them equal protection under the law.  Moreover, these attackers are claiming to be victims, and no one is calling them on it.  They are claiming they want to "protect" traditional marriage, but from what, exactly?  Moreover why do they find the need to deny people civil rights, to protect theirs?

Why liberals are so bad at branding, and how conservatives get away with blatant misbranding, is beyond dumbfounding to me.  The problem with democrats is that they are on the average more passive, and not forceful with their agendas or arguments.  They sit back and allow the opposition to set the stage and lighting, and even give stage directions.

Not only are we allowing the other side to run the show, but we haven't even offered a clear Constitutional compromise- a Civil Unions Law, that recognizes all unions equally without prejudices. We should leave it to churches to sanctify those unions as marriages, and end this debate once and for all.


  1. I have been confused about this as well. Marriage is a religious concept, and I've always believed government violated the First Amendment by recognizing, performing, and sanctioning marriage.