Thursday, June 16, 2011

Misplaced Conservative Activism

"We are against regulation."

So, that means here in Texas, you can buy as much land and the mineral and water rights to it as you want, and basically do what ever the hell you damn well please, with it.  There's literally no limit to how much water you can draw from the underground aquifer, even if it causes all your neighbors' wells to go dry.  If you want to start a hog farm so big that it taints the entire water shed, have at it!  Texas is a Republican State, and when election time rolls round, Texas is "red" indicating our Conservative voting nature.

Tonight, I attended a local information dispatching gathering, where a group of local land owners were voicing concern over a well known energy company setting up shop, to mine and distribute fracking sand.  They were concerned that released particulates could cause health problems, and most importantly that once fully operational, the processing plant would consume some 3,700 gallons of water EVERY minute...  In fact, total estimated usage would easily surpass all current local municipalities' use combined.

The presenters of the information were clearly liberal activists, well versed in corporate tactics, and offered those in attendance good contact information to offer some stumbling blocks for the incoming sand mining company.  However, I left with little hope that anything could ultimately be done to stop the operation from continuing forward.  

The reason is that those in attendance tonight have all voted for Republican, for a long time.  They voted to ALLOW people to rape and pillage the land and our natural resources.  If we had proper oversight and regulations, there should be nothing wrong with any business moving in and setting up shop.  Those in attendance were mostly old wealthy land owners, who don't want to see another large industry move into their countryside landscape.  The irony is that these people are the same ones who would decry the E.P.A., as tree huggers who need to get out of businesses way to create jobs.  

Now they are upset that a business is going to move in, suck the place dry, and leave a fine powder over everything.  Well, of course "Enron" is going to do this, that's what energy companies do.  They identify a natural resource, then they go in and exploit that resource.  A strong E.P.A. and rigorous oversight is our only check against corporate greed and their willingness to destroy our world for a buck.

I just wish Conservatives understood that corporations don't care about them, and tree hugging progressive liberals, who want meaningful regulation, are looking out for everyone.

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