Thursday, March 3, 2011

Union Busting

"Public workers shouldn't be allowed to Unionize."

That's right, Republicans do not believe that Teachers, Firemen, and the Police, or any other public sector workers deserve the right to join Unions, and collectively bargain for wages and benefits.  The people who educate our youth, protect and serve you and your home, DON'T deserve to decide among themselves how much money they make?  How did that argument win the day?

The recent economic downturn has indeed seen a drop in tax revenues collected, and it would be and is wise for Unions to realize that we all need to sacrifice, which they have.  Wisconsin's and other Unions have accepted cuts in pay, reduced pension benefits, and agreed to pay in more for their health benefits.  They fully accepted the reductions, cuts, and increases in benefits dues.  This wasn't enough for Conservatives, however.  Because they managed to elect some overwhelming majorities, Republicans see this as an opportunity to strip Unions of all their collective bargaining power.

Were I a Union boss, I'd be preparing everyone for a nation-wide walk out.  Republicans and by extension those who voted them into office, need to appreciate the work Teachers, Firemen, Police, and other public sector workers do for the United States and Americans.  What voters need is a huge dose of the reality of underfunding public works.

Taxpayers seem completely removed from the rate of taxes they pay, and level of services they receive.  This is because we have been operating on deficits for over a decade.  Our current tax rate isn't paying the bills.  It is not enough to pay for our military efforts, or even the general maintenance on our degraded infrastructure, and those charged with molding our future and protecting our livelihood are willing to take a pay cut...but this still isn't enough for Conservative Republicans.

I say we let Republicans try to enact ALL their policies.  Let them drive Unions away from the bargaining table, and allow things to really fall apart.  People need to understand what happens when you don't fully fund a working government that can respond to all of its citizens' needs.

People deserve to know what collective bargaining really means.

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