Thursday, February 24, 2011

Internet Revolutions

"Technology doesn't really change the world."

It took a while, but the Internet is connecting the world in ways its creators could only have dreamt of.  People living literally under brutal dictatorships are using "Facebook" and other social networking sites, to foment and incite outright Revolution.  This digital age is freeing people, and the world may never again be the same.

Egypt is now under military control, but only because the people of Egypt have successfully ousted Mubarak.  Libya's Maummar Gaddafi is now facing the same fate.  The people Libya, despite being shot at with military jets, stand united to demand free democratic elections.  There is now an online petition to begin revolts in Saudi Arabia, but I predict that, that will be a tougher freedom-nut to crack.

Questions have arisen from Conservative talking heads, as to why President Obama isn't speaking up or doing more to support these endeavors.  While I'd like to see the President be more outspoken in these regards, I think it is equally strong, to sit back and watch freedom and revolution create democratic nations without expanding U.S. military forces.  President G.W. Bush spent billions overthrowing Saddam Hussein, when all we needed to do was send them a bunch of laptops and mobile internet devices.

Given any opportunity to speak out, be heard, and unite with others yearning for freedom, people will do it.  You don't need guns, knives, bomb, or bullets.  The pen, or in this case the keyboard, is mightier than the sword, I mean jet fighters...

The Internet is finally now beginning to help people achieve real freedom.    So, let's invest in global WiFi, rather than another aircraft carrier.  Wars cost more than websites.

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