Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shut It Down

"...'time is up', no more short term funding bills to avert a government shutdown."

I for one, hope the GOP follows through with this threat.  Moreover, I hope that Democrats will stand firm on not allowing cuts to essential services.  In the end, I hope all this leads to a shutdown of the federal government.

Far too many Americans have or are taking our government for granted.  Especially among Republican voters, and or those who hold the Tea Party in such high esteem.  "We need less government!", they exclaim.  Let them sit with only 'essential services' operating and see how that works out.  Our infrastructure is crumbling beneath us, everything from roads and bridges to our power grids and our waste and water delivery systems.

So as America collapses and degrades before our eyes, we are engaged in now 3 wars in 3 different countries, and Republicans are toying with the idea of shutting down the federal government.  I say "Let'em!"

We need a healthy dose of what our government does around us, and where your tax dollars are spent.  As a nation, we have to be made aware that taxes equal services.  Tax cuts have led to shortfalls, and given these cuts didn't 'stimulate' the economy as intended, there were even greater revenue shortfalls.  Now, Conservatives want to cut services, to cover the deficit.

What Democrats need to do is allow Republicans to get what they are asking for, and then just sit back wait for the public backlash.

The problem is Americans haven't felt the sting of underfunding government, because we've been offered tax cuts, while we ran deficits.  We simply haven't felt the years of our underfunding government.

Well, we need to.  Shut it down, we have a lesson to learn.


  1. don't know if I should comment on an edit needed...

    "bridges to to" in second paragraph.

  2. THANKS "Chuck23". I don't mind being corrected, at all. I usually re-read each post numerous times before publishing, but this one slipped through the nets.