Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No More Tax & Spend

"We have to start tackling our debt."

With this I agree with Republicans.  Our debt needs serious attention, and the sooner we start making serious payments, the sooner American Stock, the U.S. Dollar, will go up.

We should raise a debt tax, the sole function of which would be, to pay down our debt.  Rather than include this new tax in or as part of the general revenue, like we did with social security, ALL of the revenue collected is to be applied solely to the national debt.  Instead of being 'tax & spend liberals', we can be 'tax & PAY DOWN the debt progressives'.

Rather than waiting for after the re-election, we should run on 'responsible tax rates', in regards to debt payment.  We can win the middle if we demonstrate real responsible stewardship over an economy that sees both job growth, and the increase in the value of a dollar.

Cuts in spending to offset deficits should be met with increases in taxes to pay off long overdue debt.  That Republicans managed to threaten a government shutdown, and get over $70 billion in spending cuts, while Democrats only managed to save Planned Parenthood and ZERO tax increases is simply mind blowing.  This shutdown aversion was a missed learning opportunity, as far as I am concerned.  People need to understand that taxes and services are directly proportionate.

Raising tax to pay down the debt will do two things, first it will show voters how truly detached Conservatives are from fiscally sound policy, but more importantly it will raise the value of the American Dollar, providing us with more spending power, further stimulating the economy.

Democrats need to start talking about the benefits behind raising taxes, and showing how we can raise taxes while at the same time stimulate economic growth.

Above all, Democrats and Progressive Liberals alike, need to make better arguments about raising taxes.

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