Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Re-birth of a Nation

"We support President Mubarak."

The Egyptian people took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations, that turned violent, when government riot police were sent in to disperse a crowd, who would not be dispersed...

Egypt is a democracy, who has elected the same President for 30 years.  Days ago a quarter of a million people marched on the capitol, calling for his resignation.

People on both sides have died, and with the prisons mysteriously opened, there is chaos in the streets...

Putting Egypt back together again, will take more than all the King's horses and men, it is going to take a peaceful patient citizenry, willing to undergo great political hardships.  The country will have to try to unite with sparse cell service, a single functioning internet service provider, and no readily available sources of a free media.  This is going to be a sight to behold.

My hope is that America will take this opportunity to review its support for other less than fully Democratic nations, that we presently give aid and support to.  We support Saudi Arabia's royal family, who owes its lifestyle to oil reserves they sell to the U.S., on the cheap.  While the people of Saudi Arabia don't live quite so lavishly as their leaders who defecate upon golden toilets.  Maybe we will begin leaning on other political allies who oppress their people, rather than supporting less than fully democratic governments.

Absolutely nothing can look quite so bad as stamped "Made in the U.S.A." tear gas canisters, being employed as a tool to help dictators disperse peaceful protesters.  Simply put we should be exporting tools to help spread freedom, rather than passing out crowd disbursement paraphernalia.

The Egyptian people decided they would no longer be ruled by someone who had won 30 years worth of elections.  They did not believe the elections were free, fair, or representative of their goals for government.  These protests have led Hosni Mubarak first dismissing the whole government, then him saying that he will not seek re-election, in September.  This is not enough for protesters, who want him to step down.

Two million people marched on Cairo, and now pro-Mubarak thugs, armed with whips riding horseback are attempting disperse the crowds, as violence once again grips the streets.

Freedom, friends, is not free.  It is procured only by the blood of patriots.

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