Saturday, March 19, 2016

Democratic Party Convention Rules Amendment

Our primary election systems are flawed, in so many ways.  The inconsistency and variability between dates and types is mind boggling and without seeming reason other than to cause confusion and voter suppression.  The problem lies in the formation and articulation of the rules that bind and guide our party's actions.

Neither party's platform nor its actions regard voter intention highly or well.  Nominees might be chosen by delete, super delegates, who may vote in the second round of balloting any way they see fit.  The will of the voters, a majority of the party's loyalists, and the democratic process seems tainted by this bloated theocracy of brokering delegates.

While some states partition delegates, the ultimate winner at each convention is still a winner take all event.  One candidate is awarded both the Presidential nomination and the opportunity to name a Vice Presidential nominee, often leaving the losers in the primary without a candidate to support in the general election.

In order to unite the party, insure a general election victory, a restore democratic principles to the Democratic Party Convention system, I offer this amendment:

"The Presidential nominee receiving the second most delegates shall be named to the Vice President position, on the general election ballot."

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