Wednesday, January 13, 2016


“If you listen to the hysterics …, you would think that the Statue of Liberty will shortly be under water and the polar bears are all drowning, and that we’re dying from pollution. It’s absolutely and utterly untrue.”

When Republicans spout such non-sense Democrats should point to people who have already been forced to relocate due to rising ocean waters.   Alaskans and and entire nation of the Kiribati have had to move to higher ground.  That Rand Paul finds such truisms hysterical is the sad reality of the republican party, is its complete disconnection from it.  Without a doubt, industrialized pollution is the leading cause of cancer in America today.  Corporations might be people, but they are the exact definition of a psychopath bent only on their own enrichment, without regard for anything else.  

The world is changing, and rapidly so.  As a child, I went through many tornado drills, during the springtime.  As I grew up in the greater North Texas area, I lived in the middle souther third of what was known as tornado alley.  Most tornados occurred here, Oklahoma, Kansas and lower parts of Nebraska, again during the storm season.  Tornados are becoming more widespread and occur with greater frequency in places outside of what was once their mainstay.  Although I have never heard the phrase on any weather broadcast ever, I predict we will soon hear of a "snow-nado."  I count ever bit as likely as a tornado in Vermont, which happened already.

Global climate change is happening, whether man-made or some type of millennial super-cycle the Earth does, things are not as they once were, and if we can not evolve we will all suffer, the poor and the rich alike.  

We've heard of the "polar vortex" and "snowpocalypse" but these are really just new words for blizzards or cold snaps.  Then again, in my youth I can hardly remember El Nino being anything associated with weather.  Last week, El Nino caused 30 foot breakers up and down the coast of California, where natives claimed to have never seen such oceanic activity in all the decades they lived there.

Republicans seem resolved to go down with the ship, denying that they are sinking the entire way.  

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