Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gay Marriage Attacks AGAIN

"Traditional marriage is being attacked."

I have wondered how many people would suddenly divorce and marry someone of the same sex, but maybe it's true?  There probably are couple who live a hetro lifestyle but have homosexual sex.  They are married and have kids for tax purposes, but they swing the other way too.  If it were legal and now no longer a tax liability, there may in fact be people who abandon traditional marriage...

That said, I have never seen someone else's benefit as my loss.  If someone else is able to be happy and express their love for another, then great!  I am happy for them.  It isn't like we are keeping score, hetros vs. homes.  Then again, maybe we are keeping score through elections, polls, surveys, and ratings?

By current count, gay marriage is on it's way to a victory...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

We ARE Growing, Why Spend LESS?

"We need to reduce the size and scope of government."

This is the oldest of conservative and or republican mottos or phrases.  But why? Where's the credibility, the reasoning or 'plans to at least localize government'?

Republicans just want to CUT the size of government, plain and simple.  The problem is of course they hold this stance within a vacuum, ignorant that the reality of America is that we are still growing.  The size and makeup of America's population is GROWING.  Every day there are more cars, trucks, bicycles, airplanes, trains, and people operating them.  Government needs to grow along side its citizenry.  

By government, I don't necessarily mean just people working, but of general infrastructure itself, roads, highways, and bridges, when last inspected received D's & C's from the Army Corps of Engineers.  Some in use right now, received F's.  So, rather than expand to keep up with current growth rates, and repair or replace much needed infrastructure upgrades, we are cutting spending through "sequester" and further degrading the systems we rely on.

If we raise taxes to both balance our debt, pay it down, while making it cheaper and easier to get goods and services to market we can and will stimulate the economy.  By paying down the debt we make American Dollars worth more.  These spending cuts are going to hurt both long and short term growth.

So long as we are growing as a nation, government especially infrastructural expansion is necessary.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We NEED to Spend More, to GROW More...

"NO new taxes."

Republicans are willing to abandon the potential growth of our future through this "sequester", and for what?  To prove that they are sticking to their guns, these days, quite literally...?

The increase in spending, that won't happen, is necessary because we are a nation...clearly there are more of us than there were last year.  There are more people, cars, trucks, airplanes, trains, and goods and services that need to get where they are going.  Our future is predicated on the infrastructure needed to deliver these things to the people.  At present, our roads and bridges are in disrepair, each year we waste untold billions standing perfectly still, in traffic jams.

There will be no such increase in spending now, our roads and bridges will not only be able to not keep up with rising demand, but will NOT receive anything near what it needs to fulfill our needs.  Republicans are sabotaging our future for their principal.

When have strict absolutionist statements like "No new taxes." ever served a fluid marketplace like that of today?

We are running deficits on an aging infrastructure system.  We need more revenue so that we can build for tomorrow and today.