Sunday, June 9, 2013

Surprise, We're Listening...

"Big Brother, i.e. Big Government is watching you."

So it would seem, the NSA is, has been, and will continue to look at everything we do to the best of it's ability.  They scan every broadcast, and every exchange about everything we are doing, every minute of the day.  It would seem that there is plenty of room for abuse and it has occurred.  I wish that I could say I was surprised.  We live in a world were communications exchanges leave traces.  Those charged with our protection wouldn't be doing their job if they ignored 'terrorist communications' about some in suing threat, that was out there floating around.

Knowing this, as a liberal, what I expect is adequate Congressional oversight.  I want elongated hearings, reports, and actual representative supervision adequate to the task at hand.  Congress is claiming this never happened, but there are records of some supervision or reporting, but all of this came about after they re-authorized the Patriot Act.  So, who is really to blame?

In the end, I side with Benjamin Franklin who said something in the order of, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  After 9/11, everyone was all too wiling to let the government do anything and everything in its power to protect us.  It was called the Patriot Act, and we supported those who voted for it overwhelmingly.  In the end, this is a democratic republic wherein we get the government we deserve.

Our apathy has beget us these problems.

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