Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado Alley- "Raise Building Standards"

"Climate change has not been scientifically proven."

Is there a more deluded statement that could be made in the face of absolutely horrific tornadic results  in Moore Oklahoma.  Cars were strewn into piles like so many toys in a flooded sandbox.  Buildings, houses, and entire neighborhoods utterly flattened, three times now, all in the last two decades!?

Tornados are now commonly larger and spread further east than in years past.  These are not predictions, they are on the ground cold hardened facts.  People are dying in greater numbers, and tornados are causing more damage, much more often.  We have to adapt or continue to die needlessly.

If you live in hurricane prone areas, building standards do require that your structure be able to withstand 200 mph winds.  Doesn't it make sense to require safe rooms for tornado prone areas?  Earthquake prone areas include standards that would help prevent quake injuries and damage, right?  So, where are the appropriate levels of government oversight and regulation here?

Tornado alley is getting bigger and more violent, it is well past time to admit to this fact and begin to take action to counter its effects.

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