Wednesday, December 12, 2012

But We Are Morally Right

"We are right, we don't have to change, we have to change their minds, back."

I hope conservatives go right back to these old ways, and continue to lose elections.  Times, they are a changing.  Liberals now need to embrace the fact that conservatives were wrong, and that they need to change.  It was once not morally wrong to allow a woman out at night un-escorted, in some countries it still is.

We should step boldly into the future and embrace equal rights for all, fully and willingly.  Traditionalism belongs in yesterday, and is but the anchor holding us back.  One must wonder why some cling so mightily to the past?  So Leviticus says men laying with men is bad, but it says the same thing about eating shellfish.

There are groups of protesters harassing the family of fallen troops over homosexuality, but how many placard pacers do you see pivoting about pork partakers?  It is in the same book, why aren't both rules of equal weight and value?  Do you remember the last time you left the corners of your field for the weird?

These books are thousands of years old.  Trying to legislate them into today's society is beyond unreasonable.  Claiming some moral high ground based on some interpretation of a text more than a century old would be a subjective endeavor, if ever there was one.  However, the greater sin against civility and the future is to apply text millennia old to today...

The world around us changes, and if we can not change to adapt to it, we will perish.  Languish not in the mores of yesterday, but look to the liberation and equality for all, in spite of the past.  Embrace tomorrow and we will all be better for it.

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