Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Won!!!

"Democrats now see the election win as a mandate."

Well duh!!!  Hey President Barrack Obama, you have just been re-elected, what are you gonna do next?  "Well, I am gonna thank my wife."

Really?  That's it?  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the First Lady, she is easily more palatable than the democratic national platform, but is thanking HER really our first priority?  Is there ANYTHING, in the world more important?  I would think maybe peace in the middle east, energy independence, maybe creating a renewable economy?  Oh, I've got one, how about building a high speed rail system?

Nah, let's thank the family for their support...then what???

Hey, how about a couple of words about the war in Afghanistan, or how about global climate change? Like many other liberals, I want for 'progress'.  I want to wake up in the morning to a plan.  I want for there to be something for me to work on, as a progressive liberal.  But there isn't...  I wake up each morning wondering, "Well, what now?"

First, let's address these "secessionists."  Please, pack up, and find another country to plague with your talk of disunion.  This is a united we stand divided we fall world, people.  We need now more than ever, to be united to a wider broader world, and not be cut off from one another.  Comparing Texas to island nations or even Australia is utterly devoid of the reality of ending our union with the U.S.  Our current trade policy with Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana is most ideal, right now.  Changing this would almost certainly cause a 'trade tax', and this is just my first thought as to what such a reality might mean.  This entire venture is being perpetrated on the populous by less than .3% of the population of Texas.  A few ten thousand can embarrass and otherwise tarnish a state of over twenty-five million sound minded rational adults, just for fun.

What is there to gain by holding back the progress of a nation?

If only the President had something better to do...

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