Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disaster Relief and F.E.M.A.

"We need to cut back on disaster relief programs as a way to balance the budget."

Romney actually said during the debate that he wanted to send disaster relief programs back to the States, or better yet to the private sector.  I don't understand how anyone can say that with a straight face.  Hurricanes can consume "States," and quickly overtake municipal or 'private' resources.  Some catastrophes are so bad that even Federal resources are stretched to the point of ineffectiveness.  Why would anyone even consider arguing that we should cut disaster relief?

There are right now fellow Americans homeless, without proper clothes, shelter, with loved ones declared missing or dead.  They need our help.  Now is not the time to cut funding or undermine our domestic aid system.  To do so would be a crime of the highest sort against general civility.  This is a united we stand, divided we fall world.  All that we have is each other.

In parts of New York and New Jersey there are gas lines miles long, so why don't we have a fleet disaster response helicopters that can air lift in whatever resources are needed for that area at that moment?  We have the technology to deliver M1-Abrams Tanks to the front lines of a battlefield, why can't we get a tanker full of fresh water or gasoline to an isolated town?

We can set up a complete hospital in the desert in Iraq, but we have Americans living in the streets without a roof over their head, right now.

Americans are in need, why aren't we using ever available resource to offer them aid and comfort?

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