Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Mosques in America

"We Ought to be Done with the Building of Mosques in the United States of America."

So much for America being the Land of the Free...

That Democrats aren't flocking to the defense of American Muslims and their right to practice, freely associate with one another, and indeed even build their own houses of worship is well beyond appalling to me.  That so many can so easily dismiss the notion of American religious tolerance is the biggest step backwards we've taken since the adoption of the Patriot Act.  The problem is that far too many leaders have settled on doing what is popular, rather than what is right.

Faced with the potential of being labeled "Pro-Muslim", just months before an election, has turned principled leadership into impudent followers of the lowest common denominator.  When the leading Democratic Senator Harry Reed sides with the likes of Pat Robertson, one must wonder where we can turn to for Liberal leadership, willing to stand up for actual Constitutional standards.

The only ones making any kind of sincere argument are liberal commentators, and comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  My favorite retort was made by Stewart when he noted, " one is protesting the building of Catholic Churches next to daycare centers."  While the comment is obviously a jab at the recent child molestation troubles the world's oldest and largest Christian religion has had, it makes a great point-  "We don't punish a whole group for the sins of a few within that group."  There are  over a billion Muslims, and those who object to Mosques in America are willing to discriminate against an entire religion based on the acts of less than .01%.  

This is America, where people are supposed to be FREE to worship when, where, and how they like.  Our leaders are supposed to be willing and able to take principled stands against those who would discriminate based upon religious beliefs.  At the very least, someone should be willing to say out loud, "We were attacked by Al Caeda, NOT Islam."  Or, how about stating the simple fact that the latest protest about the "Ground Zero Mosque" are completely misplaced, as the proposed project is neither a Mosque nor at Ground Zero, and that its organizer has actually worked in conjunction with our F.B.I.

When the actual facts of the matter and Constitutional standards take a backseat to emotional statements and people's feelings then we're truly in a sad state of affairs.

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