Thursday, August 26, 2010


"The private sector, not Government or bigger Government, is what spurs innovation."

The problem is that the private sector doesn't, won't, and isn't.  But can it, will it, and should it?  I think so, and that's why I drafted this letter to NASCAR's customer feedback link:

To Whom it May Concern,

I have been a fair weather fan of NASCAR for years, and a fan and participant of racing in general for as long as I can remember. I think that the very best innovation in engineering happens in and around the spirit of 'competition'.  And today, we have a gasoline engine capable of maximum horsepower while still delivering efficiency. The advances that have occurred 'under shade trees' is truly astonishing...

I ask now, when is racing going to go 'green'...?

Why can't we turn this massive tool of innovation into delivering unto us super-fast, super-efficient cars and motorcycles???

The government can't, won't, or isn't spurring the market into more affluent actions, but the private sector could. In fact, an entity like NASCAR, could change everything in a single race season. Simply create a division that offers more prestige with much higher purses. However, it would only be successful if the incentives for gasoline racing were drastically reduced or eliminated.

I can't imagine how different so many people would view racing, if next season every official NASCAR race track was powered by 100% renewable energies, each one outfitted with solar arrays and wind turbines, selling building-it-yourself home kits in the gift shop that allow kids to build and learn about these technologies first hand. NASCAR could lead the American marketplace into a sustainable way of life, rather than being the well painted dirty stepchild of the industrial industry.

With that, I'll thank you for taking the time to read this, and ask that you please pass this 'request/suggestion' onto someone who might make this lofty notion an actual reality. I would love to receive a response or take part in an ongoing exchange with NASCAR upon these matters.

-Race Fan

To date, I've received no response, nor do I expect to, which is the problem.  There is nothing as 'conservative', traditional, or unchanging as Southern culture.  NASCAR's is set in stone, and gasoline racing will likely live long through "Peak Oil".  Half of the current sponsors are Gas and Oil Companies.   

The chances of progressive change coming out of this private sector are slim to none.    But imagine if this weren't true.  Imagine if NASCAR went whole-hog into creating renewable racing, who's sole purpose is to make advancements in electric motors and battery technology.  The American racing world could save the planet, rather than slowly destroying it at 200 mph, and $75 per spectator.

This is just a blog, and not a call to action.  I hope only to move my readers to consider "what if"...

That said, feel 'free' to write NASCAR yourself, and also make this recommendation.  :)

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