Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A New Way of Campaigning

"You can't get money out of politics."

Well, I say, if we can not get it out, then we should put it to good use. I am encouraging all progressive, forward-thinking, politicians to stop printing yard placards, brochures, bumper stickers, buttons, and for humanity's sake STOP paying for media advertisements. These benefit society naught. I suggest we take another tact, and send the money directly into the district or state the candidate is running.

Instead of running an ad in a particular county with donations, you build a park, repair a road, paint a crosswalk, and take special consideration to query local supporters and municipalities for their feedback as to what that community or county really needs. In this way, things get better just from running for office, so that even if you do not win, things are improved because of your campaign efforts. If you are absolutely compelled to spend money embossing your name on things, it should be for big projects like schools, hospitals, and bridges. There really is no project too large so long as it has campaign support.

When enough works have been done, the people will see them and elect you, and if not we will have improved the campaign district anyway...

It is time to change the status quo, money has become far too corruptive an influence to allow it unfettered access into our legislative halls.  Let us redirect the billions of dollars tossed about in fits mudslinging to actual productive ends?

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