Saturday, November 9, 2013

Website Malfunctions

"The Obamacare site doesn't work."

So, who's fault is this?  The President has already said the buck stops with him, but I seriously doubt that the President was anywhere near any of that HTML code!  Who was, then???  Did they procure the worst web designers and masters of all time, then instruct them to create a site unable to handle more than 1000 hits per hour?  The question I'd really like answered is what political party do these absolute failures belong to?

It is certainly no secret that Republicans did not like this law, and have done everything in their power, or not, to demean, hinder, or stop the implementation of this law.  It is out of the realm of possibility that "republicans" were responsible for some of the programming within the site?  Where did they get their certification or degrees?  Why do we know absolutely nothing about who actually did the programming???

There are template websites wherein they could have cut and pasted a site together that would function better than what they offered.  That would have been free at any number of .com's I could name.  Instead we paid millions of dollars and got something almost entirely dysfunctional.  Who benefited from the creation of something programmers HAD to know would fail!?  I mean even I preview this blog a time or two before posting it.  I have some notion as to what the results will be when I hit submit.  Those who built this site, in this manner, did so to successfully fulfill a specific mission- to watch government fail.

So, who was it?  Will we ever know?  Can we use the Freedom of Information Act to find out?  I wish there were more answers here than questions, but one thing is certain.  The website had massive defects, that its creators knew about.  Republicans had the most to benefit from, with its failure, and if I were an investigator, they are the first place I'd begin looking for suspects.

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