Saturday, October 5, 2013

Re-Open Affordable Care Act Negotiations

"We want to negotiate, but Democrats refuse."

As a progressive liberal, I wanted Universal Health Care, a single-payer system everyone gets covered, period.  I believe heath care, or rather 'the right to life,' should be a right, and not just a privilege for the super rich.  We didn't get Universal coverage.  In lou of that, I wanted a strong public option, and this too we gave up in concessions.

NOW, conservatives are wanting to negotiate, with our government at a stand still?  So, let's put Universal Health Care back up?  Or how about fully funded municipal co-ops, wherein county hospitals offer coverage with federal financial backing in emergency or catastrophic situations.  Let's do something, anything!  If they don't like this version, let's sincerely improve it!

I say we 'give up this private health care mandate,' and instead demand Universal Health Care, then 'settle' for a strong public option.

If republicans really want to negotiate, I say let's go for it!  Let's start making demands of our own, and let's begin by offering up the private insurance mandate.  How was that a liberal idea anyway!?

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