Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

"The President hasn't presented a jobs plan."

Constitutionally speaking, it is not the executive's job to write laws that would stimulate the economy.  If such a job exists, I would argue that the power to regulate the economy rests with the Legislature.  They would be responsible for writing or presenting a jobs initiative, and the President would then sign it into law or veto it.

Job growth has slowed and a GOP led Congress is blaming the President?  When last I checked, our Constitution laid out a system of checks and balances, wherein no one body was given complete control over anything.  For anyone to point the finger at the executive and claim specifically that jobs are not being created fast enough to keep up with market growth, is giving far too much credit to the office.  If a President alone did take steps to personally fix what ails the economy, he'd be a dictator.

That said, there is no jobs plan.  The President has not stated one, the Senate has not put one forward, and the Congress has also failed to produce any jobs legislation.  Wall Street too, although reaping huge profits in this time of want and woe, are also firmly seated on the bench in this jobs creation game.  No one has or is doing anything to create more jobs in America.

If any group is responsible for the lack of jobs being created, it's business owners, large and small.  The second group responsible is our legislators, those actually responsible for writing laws that run our country.  The President would only be responsible, if he were to veto a jobs bill that was passed by both houses.

All this said, our country lacks a cohesive goal for the future of humanity and the marketplace of tomorrow.  Jobs would be plentiful, if we just decided become a progressive people.

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