Thursday, February 23, 2012

Illegal Tuition

"I am sick of illegals getting all the benefits, and not paying their fair share."

I was told it takes five years residence to qualify for food stamps.  The notion that supports this, is that within that time, the individual would have paid any number of taxes, through sales transactions and property rental or ownership payments to have earned such coverage.  The term "illegal" is not descriptive in characterizing what specific social services one has earned.

Taxes are not interchangeable, nor are they collectively part of one big pot.  Driver's license fees, inspection, and registration fees go to pay for roads, bridges, and other transportation needs.  Hospital and educational programs are funded mainly through property taxes.  So paying your fair share of any government service is or should be based on how long you have utilized those sorts of services.  Whether or not one paid in-district rates, or in-state rates would have nothing to do with one's status as a citizen, but rather if you were a resident of that district or state, and for how long.

While all of this is true, "illegals" are still missing out on paying the all important income tax.  Which is why amnesty is so important, and the part of the conservative stance that makes no sense to me.  Clearly there are people in America who don't have a social security number.  They failed to wait in line and now find themselves here, not paying their fair share.  In my head, the right thing to do is fine them, give them a social security number, and force them to begin paying income tax.  Keeping them from becoming legal citizens keeps them from paying only income taxes.

The point here is that illegals pay taxes, and they'd pay more if conservatives allowed them to.

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