Thursday, January 13, 2011


"Mass bird and fish deaths occur regularly."

So, to you people who've just witness thousands of birds fall from the sky, hundreds of thousand of fish wash up on your river bank, or hundreds of tons of fish or crabs wash ashore...ignore it.  This stuff happens all the time, we are just so connected and aware thanks to the Internet, that all this seems abnormal.  While that statement seems palatable, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth upon consumption.

I have never heard of 150 tons of fish washing ashore in my lifetime.  Nor have I heard of an event where 5,000 birds fall dead out of the sky, due to fireworks, but that is what the experts claim caused the initial mass bird death.  So far this year almost 1,000 buzzards have died, in Florida.  Do you have any idea what it takes to kill a turkey vulture?  They eat every manner of road kill imaginable, for a living.  These it would seem took a wrong turn over water.  

40,000 crabs washed ashore in Britain, possibly from colder than expected water.  2 million fish washed ashore in the Chesapeake Bay.  4,300 ducks died in Minnesota.  2,000 bats died in Texas.  So far there have been around 30 such mass death events, click here for the Google map, showing each event and its location.  There's a good message board discussion here

I think it possible that our planet's magnetic field is beginning to weaken, as all of these animals use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate.  Fluctuations in this field lead to disorientation, fish running aground, birds falling to the ground, or dolphins beaching themselves.  Sadly, I fear that more of these events are coming, followed by food shortage related deaths as these loses represent very large holes in the food chain, now.  Whatever feeds off of these things is or will be missing several meals soon.  

This is to say nothing about the recent disappearance of honey bees, nature's little pollinators, whom our agricultural livelihood depends upon.  Some states have seen as much as 90% bee loss.  

Less food being produced by plants, and fewer critters to munch on, means lean times are right around the corner for everyone.  

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