Friday, December 10, 2010

Sarah Palin

"Sarah Palin is qualified to be President."

She may well have been born, and always resided in the U.S. and be over the age of 35, but that doesn't mean she is truly qualified to hold the Presidency.  I think that position should be filled by someone willing to lead us into better days through better ways.  I want someone with ideas, enhanced perspective, and a desire to succeed by our nation.

Sarah just does not seem full of new ideas.  She's great at turning out conservative voters, but that doesn't mean she is capable of speaking upon any topic with any real depth.  I can't say I've ever heard her wax poetic upon anything, besides how the media is attacking her.  The longest single topic speech I've heard her give was her resignation speech, wherein she went on and on about her leaving was the best thing for Alaska because people were attacking her legally.

So, apparently she is half of America's favorite target, and the other half's most adored darling.  Riding a media wave, she has recently written a book and is starring on her own reality TV show.  One thing certain, is that she can draw a crowd, but I don't think that in-and-of-itself qualifies someone to hold our nation's highest elected office.  Before someone claims this is another attack piece on her, I'd like to argue that claiming someone isn't qualified, isn't attacking them.  I can't fly a helicopter.  If someone points this out, they aren't attacking me.  They are simply stating as fact, that 'I' should NOT be given the keys to a Blackhawk.

Hunter S. Palin recently took and missed "5" shots at a caribou from around a hundred yards away with a scoped rifle and the animal never moved.  That's not "hunting" as I know it here in Texas.  If you rustle in your stand or blind, the game will hear you and bolt, let alone shooting at it multiple times with a rifle.  That said, what I take issue with her here is her completely missing the animal "5" times.  A hunter in our group would have been disqualified from shooting after missing a live target 3 times.  They'd have been sent back to the range until they could group together a pattern the size of the game animal's kill zone (heart & lungs).  Hitting an animal in the legs or stomach could ruin a lot of good meat, so one wouldn't be allowed to go on a live hunt, until they could prove proficiency with their weapon.

Like so many moments before this, she seemed unprepared for the task at hand.  We never saw the actual wound, but I am almost certain the animal suffered and there was meat lost or destroyed, simply because she hadn't done due diligence at the range.  Sarah Palin is not one to go into things totally prepared, so it would seem these past years.

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