Thursday, September 16, 2010

Progress Through Progressive-ism

"Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, they're all the same, screaming about hope and change."

All the while traditional conservative republicans reply, "I want my country back."  So, how is it that 'backwards' is winning?  Hey look, we just turned the Gulf into a dead zone, why do we need to subsidize electric cars again?  How is it that "progress" became a bad word, or a notion to be dismissed rather than embraced?  Progress is how we got this far.

It was progress that got us to throw off the chains of King George and begin our Democratic Republic.  It was progressive to do away with slavery, the steam engine, and typewriters.  It will be progress when we finally get around to developing high speed rail for shipping and travel, and it will be progress when we stop using gasoline powered vehicles.  It was a good step forward when we developed heart and organ transplants, and yet there were conservative traditionalists that believed putting one man's heart into another would change the receiver for the worse!  We must employ science over beliefs, and use our best technology to solve our worst problems.

My point here is that conservative-ism and or traditionalism is holding us back, I'd just like to know how and why!?  What has status quo ever delivered us, but more of the same, literally???

We are more than we were yesterday, and our environment presents bigger and more complicated challenges every day.  Because this is true, we have to embrace change, or we will parish.  We need to evolve, we need to become something better, more capable, and more united, in order to face all of what tomorrow might bring.  It is "united we stand and divided we fall", not this to each his own tax cut to spend on what what his wants- garbage.

We need to progress, as humans, and we need to do so dramatically.  We need to leave behind us:  old dogmas, religious grievances, physical differences, and truly accept that there is only one standard for everyone.  I beg for progress, and hope dearly for it.  Moreover I decry that those who would rail against "Progressive-ism", are Obstructionists, plain and simple.

Progress is far too rare a thing these days, and we are all the worse for it.

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