Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Subjectivity, Concepts of

"I just don't see the world as you do."

Isn't it the truth...?  We ALL look upon the world through OUR own eyes and experiences.  It is difficult to remove us from any judgement we make about something we see.  However, it should be our goal, if only a lofty one.  We should try to see past ourselves, and see things for what they are, and not as we would have them be.  It is not our experiences, but rather the pure quality of attributes presented that matter.

Introspection is how you understand you, and what you want for you.  This is of great import in deciding which direction you will head next in your life, but when analyzing the world- exterior, you need to take off the blinders of your bias.

Politically speaking, this means, ceasing to see candidates through the letter next to their name.  It is their record that needs to be directly addressed, and only their record.  Rhetoric too should be shunned as a source campaign bias.  Neither party affiliation nor empty campaign promises can tell anyone how someone will govern.  Their record however, is the direct effect of their leadership style and decisions on 'We the People'.  It is the only thing that matters. 

It should be required reading before voting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WE Have to Build Tomorrow

"The Democrats just don't have a plan."

Herein, I have to agree with the Republicans.  Democrats, we aren't pushing bigger better ideas.  Why aren't we fighting right now for a single payer health care system?  Why aren't we pushing paying down the debt, as a way of making the money in your pocket more valuable?  Why aren't we suggesting we build bigger wider roads, as a way to reduce travel costs for businesses?  Where are our big ideas for tomorrow?

For YEARS, I have been pushing high speed rail, that carries both passengers and their vehicles, powered by only renewable resources.  Look around, isn't it nice?

Where is our 'tomorrow'?  We've got great gadgets and media devices, but where's our infrastructure of a new age, where are the new means and ways?  Tonight is the third debate, and I likely will not hear any more about bigger and better ideas there either.

Clearly, conservatives are stuck in the past, absolutely unwilling to let go of the old ways, and accept that there are better days ahead, if only WE accept better ways.  So, why aren't progressives out there pushing for a bigger better tomorrow?

What is holding us back?